Peter Backman, Hangar4’s grappling and BJJ Will-Machado black belt, began boxing as a teen before going on to find Karate in the 1970s. Peter is a 1st dan black belt under Tino Ceberano, who is a pioneer of Australian martial arts. Peter also studied Arnis under Tino, with whom he traveled across the USA, South America and the Philippines to study martial arts. Upon his return to Australia, Peter resumed boxing training with, his now friend of 40 years, Commonwealth Champion and world-ranked Bantamweight, Glen Walsh.

In 1996, Peter found submission grappling through some of his Karate training partners who were BJJ blue belts. From that time on, Peter trained in BJJ in Richmond, at Footscray Uni and the original Hangar4 at Essendon Airport (where Peter was one of its first members). Peter then went on to found the Sunbury BJJ club and the local BJJ club in Bairnsdale.

Still heavily involved in the fitness industry, Peter trains in HIIT three times a week in Geelong under the guidance of ex-AFL football legend Andrew Bews at In-Sync Fitness.

Peter brings 18 years of BJJ, and over 30 years of martial arts and boxing coaching experience, to the Hangar. Peter trains with John Will weekly in order to bring the very best and latest techniques to the Hangar4 mat.