Group Fitness


HIIT – high-intensity interval training – is an excellent cardiovascular workout that intersperses intervals of high-intensity exercise with short intervals of complete rest. Our HIIT sessions are just 30 minutes long. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and conditioning, can burn upwards of 700 calories in one session, and are incredibly efficient at burning fat. For the best results in the shortest time, HIIT is the way to go.

Strength & Conditioning

Using heavy, full body weightlifting actions and high intensity, multi-exercise circuits, the Strength & Conditioning class works towards improving a person’s strength, speed, power, general fitness and athleticism. Run in a positive group environment and under the direct supervision of an experienced and qualified instructor, our Strength & Conditioning classes are popular amongst those looking to get both stronger and fitter.

Boxing Fitness

Our Boxing Fitness class is a high energy boxing circuit that concentrates on correct form for all moves. Classes are taught by former Victorian Bantamweight Champion, Glen Walsh.