As a female, it is incredibly important to know some self-defence, yet it can be very intimidating to go to martial arts gym. Hangar4 was different. From the moment I arrived, everyone was warm and welcoming so I immediately felt comfortable with training at Hangar4. I have learnt so much with Hangar4 and the training has is great for keeping fit and flexible with the variety of martial arts, fitness and yoga classes available.

Jennie Goo, Dietician

I’ve always been interested in combat sports and martial arts because of the discipline and functionality they require and provide. However, given my background (academia and now corporate banking finance), to say I was apprehensive on my first visit to the Hangar is an understatement. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve not looked back! Boxing, MuayThai and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu have now become a part of my lifestyle; I hate myself for every training session I miss! The coaches are experienced and (thankfully) patient. The Hangar fosters a great culture of comradery (the coaches make sure of this); everyone looks out each other and works towards improving the quality of the mat. You will often be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone at Hangar4 but it is always rewarding!

Darren Tran, Financal Analyst

I am fortunate to have been a member of the Hangar4 team for almost 3 years. Prior to joining the gym I lacked self-confidence, was unfit and had never really engaged myself in any physical activity. Through Hangar4, I have not only finally found a sport that I love and engage with both physically and mentally, but I have stumbled upon an amazing and dedicated group of trainers and students who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with me. Coach Carl has worked hard to create a fun and supportive atmosphere. Hangar4 is not just a martial arts facility; it has been a place I have found health, strength and happiness that permeates into all other aspects of my life.

Cara Burgio, MuayThai